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Since 2000, Dr. Ron Holt has donated his time and resources to create various types of presentations for over 150 audiences on the impact of homophobia on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) youth. He began his presentations at his alma mater, Wayne State College (WSC), in Nebraska.
Increased awareness about the biology and psychology of human sexuality leads to a better understanding of the LGBT population.
Dr. Holt has presented to well over 10,000 people from diverse educational backgrounds. In the beginning, his target audiences were education and psychology majors preparing to become teachers, counselors and coaches. His audiences have expanded to include the general public, medical professionals, graduate and medical students.
His presentations emphasized the danger of allowing homophobia in the classroom as it leads to low self-esteem, increased risk for drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide in LGBT youth.
In 2010, Dr. Holt expanded his educational message to medical professionals in hospitals and clinics across America. His goal is to help clinicians provide more culturally competent care to the LGBT population. Better knowledge and sensitivity of the unique healthcare needs of the LGBT population can lead to better health outcomes. He has presented to over 1200 clinicians in various medical settings, including regional, national, and international scientific conferences.
His presentations on bullying and suicide have helped audience members better understand how to combat bullying and provide a more supportive and nurturing environment for LGBT youth.
Dr. Holt’s community service also includes: Mentoring members of the LGBT PRIDE group at WSC; working to endow scholarships for the WSC PRIDE group; and donating money annually to help the group in it's educational efforts to raise awareness of homophobia's impact on LGBT youth. His inspiration is to educate, support, and be a role model for LGBT youth, because there was no one available in this capacity when he was a student. This keeps his passion alive and provides the energy to continue with these efforts.
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