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Kaiser Bay Area Post Doctoral Psychology Seminar 6-28-16

LGBT Clinical Case Scenarios: An Experiential Learning Perspective

This experiential learning process consisted of reviewing LGBT clinical case scenarios as a collaberative group with Dr. Holt as the facilitator.

The small group consisted of post doctoral psychology residents from Kaiser Bay Area facilities.

Audience feedback/impact of this presentation:

Excellent interactive didactic on LGBT related issues. I learned how to consider a range of possible LGBT issues that may arise in the future (i.e. trans suicide risk). I will likely remember these discussions and incorporate today's considerations into future cases where applicable.-47 y/o M

Great format. Great topics and discussions. I learned advocacy for LGBT in the Midwest. Impact: To keep in mind how limited medical practitioners time is with patients. Use motivational interviewing.-42 y/o F  

The vignettes were well written and painted a full picture of case while still leaving room to explore topics. I learned to maintain a non-judgmental stance as well as ways to explore a person's sexual orientation and behavior history.-38 y/o F

The vignettes really helped push my clinical skills and question 'what would I do.' I learned to be more thoughtful and present with my patients who may still be exploring all facets of their identity.-34 y/o F

Experiential was great. Also helped to see others clinical thinking. Greater comfort and confidence around transgender terminology.-44 y/o M

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