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Kaiser Bay Area Post Doctoral Psychology Seminar 7-7-15

LGBT Clinical Case Scenarios: An Experiential Learning Perspective

This experiential learning process consisted of reviewing LGBT clinical case scenarios as a collaberative group with Dr. Holt as the facilitator.

The small group consisted of post doctoral psychology residents from Kaiser Bay Area facilities.

Audience feedback/impact of this presentation:

Really great presentation. I liked that it was vignette style and open discussion. Reminded me how much stigma/homophobia/lack of knowledge exists beyond the 'protective walls' of San Francisco. Makes me want to be an advocate. I learned to ask open ended questions; advocate for this population; and ask pt what he/she means by terms, how he/she identifies, etc.- 26 y/o F

Great. Fun format. Appreciate the flexibility and complexity of the cases. I learned new terms and don't be afraid to ask questions of patients. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of basic issues that arise in this community, but this really opened my eyes to more complexities, including getting medical care as a transgender person, legal issues with more than two parents, etc.- 29 y/o F

Awesome presentation. I liked the vignettes and related discussions. I learned terminology; how to address different issues; knowledge about different parenting styles/dynamics; ask more open ended questions; and try not to label.- 28 y/o F

I really appreciated this didactic! I feel the discussion was helpful in my own case conceptualization as well as my cultural awareness. I especially appreciated learning more of the terms, so that I can help my patients feel more open and safe. The open ended questions concept was very helpful. Although I do this during sessions, I have not considered how helpful it can be when exploring these types of issues.- 27 y/o F

It's helpful to be exposed to different real scenarios - expands the scope of possibilities to be mindful of. I learned to be more mindful of medical issues for trans people because it may not have been on my radar screen as a potential issue to the extent it should have been.- 34 y/o F

Great discussion on issues that can come up for myself and within healthcare system. I learned some new terms. Reminded me to be open and thoughtful with these issues. I will continue to try and be open and nonjudgmental. Also allow the patient to lead.- 30 y/o F

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