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Kansas City University 4-24-15

Obstacles in Obtaining Culturally Competent LGBT Healthcare: A Panel's Perspective

LGBT Clinical Case Scenarios: An Experiential Learning Perspective

The panel presentation was part of a diversity lecture series sponsored by the Advocates for Diversity in Medicine (ADM) student club. A panel representative of the LGBT community discussed their healthcare experiences and obstacles to receiving culturally competent care. Dr. Holt served as the panel's moderator and assisted with audience questions.

The second presentation consisted of reviewing LGBT clinical case scenarios through small breakout groups, which allowed an experiential learning perspective. After discussing a particular case as a smaller group, the group would present the case to the whole audience with Dr Holt as the facilitator.

The audience consisted of first and second year medical students, faculty, staff, and bioscience students.

Audience feedback/impact of these presentation:

Always great presentations. The discussion was very interesting and will be helpful to my future. This presentation gives me ideas as to how I might be inclusive to all gender identities and sexual orientations in my future practice.-31 y/o F

I thought this was a great experience that both clarified issues on gender identity/sexuality and clinical issues that could arise. This presentation has given me new ideas about how to approach patients of different gender identities and how to make a practice/hospital more friendly to all communities. -26 y/o M

This session was very helpful. I learned examples of how to start conversations about gender and sexual experiences - explaining the purpose of such questions. I look forward to being an ally.-33 y/o F

The interactive case study was awesome. It helped to be in a group to have differing concerns and provided some very realistic cases we may see. I learned more advanced definitions - like gender dysphoria vs gender nonconforming. Being literate in these concepts is vital to developing a proper, respectful relationship with all patients. -25 y/o M

An important component of education.  Huge value added for my growth as a student doctor. Inspires how I will run my practice sometime on a broad scale, but I think it will make me a better more thorough student/trainee on rounds for years to come. -24 y/o M

A great presentation to physicians-in-training. I learned a holistic approach to sexuality and gender. This presentation prepared me to handle LGBTQ issues in 3rd/4th year rotations and as a future physician. -25 y/o M

I learned asking open-ended questions get more information from patients. I am becoming more open-minded as a physician. -24 y/o F

Thank you Dr. Holt for offering this workshop for us. I feel it is important for me to treat patients holistically and effectively. This presentation gives me better perspective on the issues that exist in the world around me. These patients are fighting a battle that was unknown to me. I want to be an advocate for them and in the process become a more rounded physician and open minded person. -27 y/o M

Excellent! I learned how to communicate in an understanding and compassionate way. -25 y/o M

I felt this was a great way to learn about LGBT issues, which we were not taught in class. I learned how to ask open ended questions and create a neutral and patient friendly environment. Helped me understand better the impact docs can have on their patients just by making a patient friendly environment. -27 y/o F

I thought this was very beneficial. I feel like I have learned a lot about healthcare that I would not have learned about or been exposed to otherwise. -23 y/o F

Very informative and engaging. The event was organized well and provoked very insightful discussions and education. I learned various ways to open communication and provide a sense of trust among transgender individuals specifically. I have specific goals regarding how I can implement what I've learned about providing care and a sense of trust and comfort in my patient community. -25 y/o F

Fantastic. Loved having the panelists. They were open and honest and very genuine. Also found the case studies interesting and helpful. I learned strategies about asking open ended questions and the importance of them; and ideas regarding LGBT literature, etc, in the waiting room to offer a safe/inclusive environment from the beginning of a patient's experience. -37 y/o F

I feel like I am now more aware of the lack of medical education in LGBTQ issues and will more actively educate myself in these issues during my education and career.- 25 y/o F

I learned to not put labels on a patient. Let them tell you how they view themselves. Never, ever prematurely out someone. This presentation made me more aware of the concerns of LGBT when it comes to their healthcare. It's going to help me be a better physician in the future by presenting myself and my practice as LGBT friendly.- 24 y/o F

Great conversations on LGBT topics. I learned resources and websites to help parents and patients get better help; not to assume the gender/sex of someone; and it opened my eyes to various things, such as transsexual transitioning.-24 y/o M

As ever - a valuable panel. I learned some of the online resources available for our self education. Simply having more exposure to the healthcare issues is helpful. I'm also glad to have learned of ways to educate myself without depending on my patients to educate me about their healthcare needs.-26 y/o F

I learned statistics and circumstances that  LGBTQ patients experience and to ask open ended questions. As always, I really appreciate panel discussions and hearing people speak from personal experience.-43 y/o F

I thought this was very helpful and should be continued yearly. I learned it's good to be open and honest with patients. Ask questions if you want clarification on how to address people and make sure patients feel like you have a safe environment where they are able to talk freely. This presentation empowered me to seek out the LGBT community and become an advocate.- 25 y/o F

Great panel and discussion. This is beneficial as we don't get training on this. I think it would be a great CME for practicing physicians. -33 y/o F physician

Thank you for coming! I learned to be careful of the options on your intake forms in your office. The presentation reaffirmed my commitment to be an advocate in my future practice.-27 y/o M

I enjoyed this panel because I feel this experience gave me insight and information that I wouldn't receive elsewhere. I learned to be open with patients and ask open questions and not assume. I feel this presentation will allow me to be a better advocate for LGBT rights and give me the ability to be a better participant in future discussions about LGBT healthcare. -22 y/o F

Cases/group discussion great following panel. I learned strategies to improve comfort level. Broadened perspective of challenges and potential solutions/strategies. -62 y/o F 

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