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Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences >> 9-19-13

LGBT Suicide Prevention: When It Feels Like It's All (But) Over

The audience consisted of first and second year medical students.

This presentation helped medical students understand the warning signs and general risks of suicide; identify factors that increase suicide in the LGBT population; identify ways to help reduce suicide; and list the protective factors against LGBT suicide.

Medical student comments on how this presentation impacted their knowledge:  

I think this information is very important and the word needs to be spread in any way possible - especially since this topic is not integrated into the curriculum. I thought the presentation had some excellent data and some really interesting information. -26 y/o F

Eye opener - I wish this was a mandatory presentation. All students should be present to hear this. Although I have never had suicidal thoughts, I realize that it is my time to 'come out'. I am comfortable with who I am but have only confided in a select few. The presentation made me see how much support is out there and I shouldn't be afraid to embrace my true self. Thankfully, I do have very supportive friends and family. I will be accepted without question, although the fear of 'coming out' is still there. -27 y/o F

This presentation impacted me more than I thought it would. I learned of all the risk factors to look for in my patients. I also learned how to talk to and be aware of my conversations throughout daily life. I will have to admit, I have made comments about gays in the my life, but I meant no harm. I know many gay people and I like them all. I have just learned to be aware of what I say and realize that what I say can greatly impact the way they feel. -24 y/o M

I learned acknowledging orientation earlier in life increases risk for suicide. I came out at a young age (14). This statistic is new to me and it makes me feel a lot of emotions - lucky, afraid, and the want to help the youth of the LGBTQ community. Knowing that being 'forced' to be out/come out may increase risk of suicide attempts makes me feel incredibly lucky to be here as I was forced to come out to my mom and dad. I did not get to do this when I was ready to. As future HCP, these are things we need to be aware of. I greatly appreciate your time - more than you know. -23 y/o gender queer/neutral 

I learned statistics for gay suicide risk and how to discuss issues related to the gay population with my patients. My younger brother recently came out at the age of 21 and unfortunately my parents were not the most accepting. I am very close to him and now that I am more aware of the health issues found in the gay population, I feel as though I will be better able to direct him if needed. -23 y/o F

I feel that Dr. Holt's presentation sheds light on an area that requires more attention given the risk associated. His presentation is proactive and progressive, and I am happy he is presenting at KCUMB because it also says something positive about the institution. My understanding of risk factors associated with LGBT suicide has vastly grown. The presentation really hits home, as I have a younger brother who is gay. I think that having more knowledge about what he could feel or undergo in his life is incredibly important. -25 y/o M

Amazing. Thank you for the depth and breadth of this information. It is significant to me that you included info about transgender. This presentation had a dramatic impact. I was involved with LGBT youth groups in my youth, and you reminded me how significant the supportive adults in that program were. This presentation reminds me that it is my turn to step into that role. -35 y/o F   

As a future physician, I thought this was a very informative presentation. We need more presentations like this on a regular basis. As a gay male and medical student, this presentation has further equipped me to handle LGBT patients and how best to provide them with comprehensive healthcare. -23 y/o M  

This was a very eye opening lecture. I thought it was very well presented. I liked all the statistics that were introduced. This presentation has greatly impacted me. I am from a small town and I don't remember any of these issues ever being addressed. This is really my first  formal presentation about suicide and the LGBT community. I didn't realize it was such a big problem. I now realize it is and as a HCP I want to make sure that I do everything I can for my patient. I want to make sure that they continue to live a healthy, productive life regardless of their sexuality. -23 y/o F  

I have always viewed myself as an LGBT ally, but I never realized how little I knew about how these issues that effect LGBT people. This talk and the information included should be a requirement for all medical students in order to be a well rounded physician to provide the best care possible. Please continue this work because it is so important! -25 y/o F  

Thank you so much for coming. Spreading the word about LGBTQ support and suicide reduction is so important. Any information given out makes a humongous difference. This presentation has reinvigorated me to continue to speak out and give my support to the LGBTQ community. -23 y/o M    

A lot of good information was presented. The common characteristics of people who commit suicide was very impactful for me. My best friend committed suicide and it's still hard to cope with that. Seeing those descriptive adjectives are hard to take in but vert impactful. -24 y/o M   

Thank you for talking to us. I really respect your passion for LGBT rights/activisim. You are an inspiration to me because you are not only making a difference in the healthcare of your individual patients, but you are breaking the homophobic cycle of society. Thank you for that. I've become more aware of how important it is as a HCP to know the risk factors of suicide. Your presentation inspires me to be mindful of the stresses LGBT individuals go through. Thank you very much. -24 y/o F  

Great talk and very touching. I know I have a huge role in patients lives. I need to be there for my patients regardless of orientation. -23 y/o F  

Great lecture. I want to go into family medicine, but I would like to have more resources to talk to and support my LGBT patients. As a PCP, I hope to offer support to all my patients - especially during difficult transitions when they need it most. -25 y/o F  

Wonderful lecture about issues that aren't commonly discussed - especially for medical students who need to be open and understanding of every patient. I learned a lot about the research and statistics for this area and how much more at risk the LGBT community is for suicide, drug abuse, and mental illness. A lot of this can be prevented through understanding and acceptance from others. -24 y/o F  

I think this presentation was very interesting. The LGBT community is getting larger and as future physicians we will have patients who are part of this community. Our current curriculum does not touch on this subject. The presentation will help me be able to provide better care to the LGBT community. -25 y/o F

As a HCP, we must be an ally for those who are LGBTQ, especially adolescents. We should never judge or neglect them. We should have info available for them if it is needed and know the risk factors. -22 y/o F  

As physicians, we need to provide an open and accepting environment to all patients, including LGBT patients. We don't want to force anyone to come out, but lay the groundwork for that to happen. - 23 y/o F  

While I knew there was higher prevalence of suicide attempts in LGBT, the facts were shocking. It also reminded me that as a physician we are still able to do something to help LGBT persons (effective mental health care and bullying prevention). -23 y/o F  

Excellent presentation. I learned to screen patients. The only way I would have been taught this information in medical school was to attend this presentation. -23 y/o M  

This was a very informational lecture and presented many eye opening facts in one setting. Acceptance and empathy is key for LGBT individuals. Support systems could play vital roles in suicide prevention. - 23 y/o F  

Very informative. Made me more aware of current issues in the lives of LGBT members. -26 y/o F  

Great presentation. Had lots of information that many doctors should know. -28 y/o M

I like this presentation a lot. It'd be a great lecture for curriculum. Thoughts of suicide is extremely vital for predicting suicide. -29 y/o M

Great informational lecture. Suicide is a tragedy. Will be supportive to those in high risk groups. -29 y/o M  

Very interesting topic that's not covered very often. It's important. The risks in gay youth should not be taken lightly. It's important. -21 y/o F  

This was a very educational and powerful lecture. It presented a lot of shocking facts that gave me a sense of what the LGBT community faces. This presentation has made me realize how prevalent bullying, suicide, and mental issues are among the LGBT community. Growing up in a progressive area has not allowed me to completely understand the severity of this problem. This lecture has motivated me to learn more about these issues and incorporate preventative measure in my practice. -24 y/o F  

This presentation increased my awareness of the topic and provided good scenarios and things to say to a gay person to let them know about 'unconditional friendship' for when they do decide to come out. Great presentation. Thanks! -24 y/o F  

I thought this was a great presentation. I liked the use of statistics and also the suicide examples and what factors led to their suicide. This presentation has taught me how to approach my LGBT patients in the future. I learned ways to show my support. -23 y/o F  

Factual and informative. I don't know why I'm shocked by some of these numbers and stories when the risk factors are so obvious. I learned the mind blowing stats. Very well put together presentation. Hopefully I will be an even more accepting physician than I previously had hoped. -23 y/o M  

Great presentation. This presentation will help me provide better care for my patients and be mindful of their needs. -25 y/o F  

I will now be more culturally competent concerning LGBT issues. -22 y/o M  

Great presentation of statistics and how to remember the risk factors for suicide. I have learned more risks that I did not know effected LGBT. I will remember all the factors discussed. Also, how to handle situations with the LGBT community is important and I will do my best to make them feel comfortable. -24 y/o F  

Very informative - really had no exposure to this topic. Changed my approach to LGBT patients. -30 y/o M  

This presentation helped me understand the factors LGBT individuals deal with and factors associated to their high suicide risk. This will help me understand what issues to keep in mind when talking to LGBT patients and resources available. -26 y/o F  

This presentation has widened my perspective on LGBT youth. Since I am from a more conservative state,  this topic does not get discussed and I hope, with help form this presentation, that my broadened perspective will allow me to give better care to this community. -23 y/o F  

Some of the risk factors, including LGBT coming out, were not so obvious to me. Going through some of the higher risk factors for gay suicide helped. -24 y/o M

The information I received today will help to make me a better doctor to all my patients of the LGBT community by knowing the risk factors for suicide and certain health risks I should be aware of and screen for. -25 y/o F  

This presentation made me aware that LGBT suicide is a huge issue and will continue to be. As a future physician I must keep this in my mind and be open to discussions with my patients and their family to educate and provide resources. -25 y/o F  

The examples of the young people who have taken their lives was extremely effective. As a HCP, this presentation really made me think about the LGBT community. -28 y/o M  

Very informative. Really opened my eyes to the stresses in the LGBT society. -23 y/o F  

The presentation was very informative and the statistics were eye opening. The presentation provided information to keep in mind when treating patients. Before the presentation I was unaware of the prevalence of suicide. -23 y/o F  

Great information of what's not normally talked about. Most of this information I already generally understood, but the medical application of it was very useful and something I previously hadn't learned. -23 y/o M  

I think this was a very important and well presented presentation. As a member of the LGBT community, I saw a large amount of this information while I was living in a metropolitan area. I was very glad to see a presentation at KCUMB on this subject. -23 y/o F  

This presentation reminded me of the struggles that the LGBT community faces and the importance of lowering prejudice. I learned how to open the door to let an LGBT person know I am supportive. -29 y/o F  

This presentation has opened my eyes to some of the special risk factors that affect individuals within the LGBT community. They should be addressed when treating patients. -26 y/o F  

Very informative with eye opening statistics. I learned how to provide support to the LGBT community as a clinician, family member, and friend. I can use this information to provide the best care possible including life saving support and to always be a positive role model. -24 y/o F  

This helped me realize how prevalent these issues are and how I must increase my sensitivity to these issues in order to be an effective healthcare professional. -26 y/o M  

I am grateful for the opportunity to listen to Dr Holt's insight into the medical care necessary for those who are commonly overlooked. I will now be more observant of my future patients sexual orientations and the risk factors associated with these patients. -23 y/o M  

There were a lot of things I learned but the most shocking was how high the percentage was of transgender individuals who think about suicide. I will be very aware of this in the future and look for it in my practice. -25 y/o F  

This presentation has been really informative and eye opening. I'm so much more aware of how hard it can be to be gay. I knew people struggled, but I grew up in an area and in a family that was always very accepting. This presentation makes me want to be more involved in making it easier for gay people to be who they are and to be accepted for who they are. -23 y/o F Great presentation.

I learned a lot of important information. I learned how to discuss sexuality with my patients and how to provide culturally sensitive care and support. -24 y/o F  

This presentation is a good reminder to be sensitive and caring even if it is a situation you don't completely understand. -23 y/o F  

I appreciate the sharing of key information that is not traditionally taught in medical school. This presentation has encouraged me to reach out to LGBT youth and taught me how to help treat LGBT patients. -22 y/o F  

Thank you so much for this presentation. While some material has been discussed before, I've never heard it at the medical school level. I think this will lead to more culturally aware and sensitive physicians. I learned how to identify risk factors and the trevor hotline. I'm just far more aware about LGBT issues. -29 y/o M 

This presentation has showed me that laying the foundation for a close friend/child to know your love is unconditional is very significant for that person to open up to you in the future. -23 y/o F  

Great presentation for time given. I learned to be open, be aware, and know the resources for LGBT care. The real life examples of LGBT discrimination that led to suicide was eye opening. -22 y/o M  

Great presentation. I learned a lot about current studies on suicide rates within minorities and HIV rates in minority communities. The presentation has made me more aware about suicide, LGBT linked health, and how to address these issues. -22 y/o F  

Eye opener. Increased my desire to help and address these issues in our society. The presentation gave me more motivation to increase my knowledge on LGBT suicide risks and bullying. I appreciated learning about how to address these issues with my future LGBT patients. -22 y/o F  

Lectures like this should be part of the medical school curriculum. There is a huge lack of support for young LGBT individuals. The more education and awareness the better for all. It is important for LGBT individuals to get appropriate medical care they need. -25 y/o M  

Great important lecture for medical students! I never realized the specific issues that the LGBT community faced with suicide. This opened my eyes to be more proactive with the LGBT population I will care for in the future. -23 y/o F  

Very unique and emotional presentation. Never would have thought of this material in my own. Even as a strong christian I must recognize as a physician that people have a different lifestyle than I do. -23 y/o M  

I have always been aware of LGBT issues; however, this was a great opportunity to know more in detail and to get numerical information on this issue. I find it essential to bring these issues to places that are still rather conservative in this country to expose everyone to this diverse group of people. -24 y/o F  

Very, very informative. As a future physician this presentation has stressed to me how important it is to be competent in this issue that will definitely play a role in some of my patients lives. I also learned how important it is to create an environment where people can come out if the want to. -23 y/o F  

Thank you for coming to KCUMB! Education is key! I am so grateful for people like you who are addressing these issues. -25 y/o M  

It's a very helpful presentation. There are things I wasn't aware of about LGBT suicide. It put everything in perspective about the issue in our society. Very well researched studies. Very thorough about facts and how to help reduce LGBT suicide that'll be helpful for me in future years. -22 y/o F  

Great lecture. Very informative and opened my eyes to the risks LGBT persons face. As a physician, friend, or family member, I will make myself open to LGBT persons so they know they can talk to me about it and be treated no differently. -23 y/o F  

Thank you so much for taking time to discuss such important topics with us. I learned a lot and am always interested in learning new ways to help people. I am very happy to see the turnout to this presentation from my fellow classmates. This presentation informed me of many statistics that I was not aware of. -25 y/o F 

Excellent and very needed presentation for all doctors in training. -25 y/o M  

I think this presentation was a great way to spread awareness about encountering with, and providing for, the LGBT community. I thought the presentation was very informative and some of the statistics were shocking! The number of suicides at all ages are extremely high and small changes such as closer family ties, decreased bullying, and creating GSA in high schools can decrease risk of suicide. -23 y/o F  

This is really great. There's definitely a need for more awareness because I'm sure there are unaware/sheltered students/docs out there. They presentation reassured my awareness and added more knowledge. -25 y/o F  

This presentation was very helpful to increase awareness of the very serious issues of LGBT suicide. I'm sure the very practical suggestion on how to 'set the stage' for your patients or friends to come out will prove to be very useful in my future practice as a physician. -22 y/o F

Very informative and eye opening. I learned what I can do to reduce the risk of suicide. Particularly learning the most appropriate way to open the door to the coming out conversation. -23 y/o M  

Very compelling and well organized presentation. Definitely opened my eyes to what an LGBT patient needs in terms of healthcare. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Holt's lecture. He addressed LGBT topics that many are reluctant to address. It takes a lot of courage to be a social minority in the US. -24 y/o F  

Excellent presentation. I learned how important communication is. I'm definitely more aware and feel less uncomfortable talking about these topics as I used to be. Honestly, I feel more empowered to be a better support system to my friends. -24 y/o F  

Great presentation. It's important to recognize how to treat a patient of LGBT orientation. Being knowledgeable gives you an important tool to building a good relationship and preventing suicide in LGBT youth. -22 y/o M  

Great presentation. I learned how to set the stage for another to come out as LGBTQ. Made me realize that I need to be aware of my subconscious biases when dealing with all people. -23 y/o F

Very interesting. This presentation increased my desire to use my position in the medical community to improve the quality of, and access to, care for the LGBT community. -25 y/o F  

Eye opening presentation. It inspires change and acceptance towards LGBT communities. -23 y/o F  

I learned how important the role of a physician is in the LGBT community and how we should always make them feel they are in a safe environment in the clinic. -25 y/o F 

I think this was a good lecture to make us aware of the risks and likelihood of suicide attempts in this not so often talked about population. -26 y/o F

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