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Obstacles in Obtaining Culturally Competent LGBT Healthcare: A Panel's Perspective

This panel presentation was part of a diversity lecture series sponsored by the Advocates for Diversity in Medicine (ADM) student club. A panel representative of the LGBT community discussed their healthcare experiences and obstacles to receiving culturally competent care. Dr. Holt served as the panel's moderator and assisted with audience questions.

The audience consisted of first and second year medical students as well as bioscience students.

Audience feedback/impact of this panel presentation: 

Amazing. Thank you so much for presenting this info. I was especially impressed with the answers to the issue of 'should the Doc bring it up if they suspect that the patient is gay/lesbian/trans.' That is a really delicate issue and your advice (advise therapy, build rapport, leave it alone) was great. Hopefully it will help me to navigate with compassion.-36 y/o F  

This is an important part of a complete and holistic medical education. I'm glad I went. I want to see something like this done in a formal presentation. Helps teach us to be more compassionate and understanding physicians. This is a patient population I never really thought about or considered. I now have understanding and appreciation for the health and well being for these people and what they deal with.-27 y/o M  

Extremely informative presentation. Learned new perspectives I've never heard before. Made me a more competent and understanding individual. I didn't have a firm grasp on transgender issues before today.-23 yo M

This topic is incredibly important. All of the information we heard today was incredibly valuable and we need even more of it. If this showed anything today, it's that there is a real interest in becoming competent physicians and that there is a desire for knowledge. I learned that making a welcoming atmosphere starts at the door of my future hospital/clinic. It's important to make it very clear that everyone is welcome with wall art, intake forms, magazines, etc. This presentation has reminded me of the poignant topics we'll be dealing with in the near future. I look forward to being able to make a difference.-24 y/o M  

Very informative and made me interested to explore more about transgender health. I learned about gender vs. sexual orientation and to be attentive and respectful.-26 y/o M  

Great presentation. I learned to be open and understanding. Treat and evaluate organs that are present even if patient is in transition. I will do the necessary research outside of education I have received and will receive, so I can provide the best care to all patients from all backgrounds.-22 y/o F  

I learned overall insight into the life and concerns of the LGBT community. I feel more comfortable approaching a potential patient who is a member of the LGBT community.-30 y/o F

I am now more familiar with transgender nomenclature, and how I can best and must respectfully communicate in the healthcare setting.-23 y/o F

Enjoyed learning and hearing their stories. I learned how critical it is to make pt feel comfortable and respected. Made me more aware of LGBT community and their health needs/concerns.-25 y/o F  

A very informative presentation. Helped me think of ways to approach LGBTQ issues.-23 y/o M  

Learned that sex is the body but gender is the mind; ask open ended questions; and never assume.-23 y/o M  

I learned a lot about communicating with transgender pts - a topic that I knew nothing about. It really opened my eyes to all the differences and similarities in treating LGBTQ patients.-22 y/o F  

thought it was a great presentation that directly related to the healthcare profession.-23 y/o F  

Learned to keep an open mind and maintain open ended questions.-24 y/o F  

Great panel and presentation! Helped me understand the LGBTQ population and the experiences they have and how I can make them more positive for my patients.-24 y/o F  

Very informative and helpful. Helps me understand the LGBTQ community better and feel more prepared for when I'm a physician.-25 y/o F  

I have looked forward to this lecture series since last year. It's informative and engaging. Good presentation and variation. Excellent tie-in to medicine today. Do not assume and ask open ended questions. Since my little brother "came out" to me 4-5 years ago, he has undergone an amazing transformation into the person he was meant to be. This presentation made me think about my little brother and the daily obstacles he has to overcome to be himself. Although I can't delve into my brother's head, this lecture series helps me to further relate to my brother in yet another way. To me, it's about understanding and respect - DLS promotes both.-26 y/o M

Amazing panel discussion. Very important points were brought up. As future physicians, these discussions are critical.-28 y/o F  

Very glad I came. I think that anyone (not just doctors) should be aware and more sensitive to LGBT individuals and the issues affecting these people. Sex is the body but gender is the mind.-23 y/o M  

Very informative. I learned not to make assumptions while interacting with patients.-25 y/o M  

Wonderful panel and opportunity to learn important information about the medical concerns of transgender and homosexual patients. I learned how to begin conversations and the correct pronouns to use in different situations. It's given me advice on how to be a more compassionate and knowledgeable physician.-25 y/o F  

Really well done. As healthcare providers we need to take care of the whole person and sexual identities and preferences are important things to address. I have definitely found some new ways to expand my ability to care for my patients in the future.-22 y/o M  

Fantastic. Growing up I was not exposed to a diverse view. I learned respect for the LGBT community and how to interact and treat them. We are all humans and deserve to be treated fairly.-25 y/o M  

Learned a lot. Great panelists. I learned how to make patients feel comfortable. Also general info/terms I didn't know. I want to make sure all of my patients feel comfortable to talk to me.-25 y/o F  

Great panel! Please keep coming back!  Learned how to be respectful! Informed me about issues specific to LGBTQ population and particular ways to be sensitive and ask questions in an open, nonjudgmental way.-24 y/o F  

Very informative - especially regarding transgender individuals. Sex is the body but gender is the mind. Learned some tips on how to be a better physician to the LGBT community.-26 y/o F  

Great presentation. Very informative. Learned how to better address the LGBTQ population as my future patients and how to make them feel more comfortable. Learned how to establish a mutual respect between patient and physician.-24 y/o M  

Helped me understand a bit better trans people in general. I am ignorant of their lives and struggles and health because I don't know any trans people. A presentation like this helps bridge that gap, so thank you!-24 y/o F  

Great presentation! It was so great that it should have been required. Cis-gendered - I've seen and heard it, but never had it defined for me. I definitely want to be a doctor for the LGBT community.-25 y/o M  

I think you did a great job of including the entire queer alphabet except A. You also addressed the more basic terms to catch people up and then moved into more complex areas well. I learned about pumping parties and stealth. I'm glad to see people supporting LGBTQ equality in healthcare - especially as a gay man.-23 y/o M  

Was a great lecture. I learned sex is the body, gender is the mind; black market hormone and pumping parties; sexual orientation is not indicative of sexual behavior; treat organs that are present; and openness starts in the waiting room. This presentation has opened my mind to more questions to ask my future patients - especially the way to approach situations with LGBTQ patients.-23 y/o F  

Thank you for coming. Very informative. Apart from useful/necessary/applicable facts, first hand stories are always incredibly helpful - powerful reminders of what people deal with in their healthcare in big and small ways.-25 y/o F  

Relevant, focused presentation of information. I learned the importance of trust/relationship building when approaching conversations about transitioning and healthcare in general. Opened my eyes as to how big a part of my future practice this could be.-23 y/o M  

I learned barriers to care I could have unknowingly put up between myself and future patients. I plan to open my own direct primary care office in the future, and I learned many techniques on how to make it more LGBT friendly.-27 y/o M  

This was such a useful presentation! I truly feel like I'm better equipped to take care of my LGBT patients in the future.-24 y/o F  

Great. Really organized and I liked how the panel clarified areas of confusion I had about definitions. The presentation gave me a clearer idea of how to be a better physician to LGBT patients.-25 y/o F  

Very informative. Enjoyed the openness. I learned how important it is to make patients feel comfortable in order to give them the best overall care.-24 y/o M  

I want to volunteer in the area. l learned how to set up an office that's inviting to the LGBT community to encourage a better relationship.-23 y/o F  

Very organized and educational. I learned issues of care with trans individuals; suicide rates much higher in trans; sex is body, but gender is the mind; and sexual orientation does not equate sexual behavior. I recognize the need for doctors that can treat and understand individuals that are a part of the LGBT community. I feel I'm responsible for my own education about LGBTQ issues and hope to be a competent physician when addressing those issues.-24 y/o F  

As a future physician, I am reminded of the importance to be professional and respectful. I will place a greater emphasis on compassion and building a strong relationship. It is the job of the doctor to make the patient feel comfortable. This requires exploring new avenues to provide that comfort.-26 y/o F  

Wonderful presentation - incredibly insightful and eye opening. This presentation has largely opened my eyes to insights in the LGBTQ community that I have not had education or experience in. An introduction to LGBTQ terminology was especially valuable to me, so I can be a more compassionate human and future physician.-23 y/o F  

Always treat people with respect. Don't act based on your assumptions. Reaffirmed my personal constitution to treat others with respect and don't make judgments on other people.-25 y/o M  

Excellent presentation. I learned about gender basics - before this I had little knowledge of the whole gender transition. I am more aware now and have a different perspective of the whole thing.-21 y/o F  

Presentation was incredibly informative. Made me much more aware of issues I never thought of before. Made me aware of what to do in difficult situations.-26 y/o F

It's always a privilege to hear from people from all walks of life. I've learned new things about the LGBT community and about how to talk to all patients. I'm coming to understand that although we are taught how to address patients, each conversation with a patient will always be handled differently from one patient to the next. Also it is important to expect all kinds of patients to walk into your office.-22 y/o F  

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