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MBLGTACC – LGBT Suicide: When It Feels Like It’s All (But) Over 2-8-14 & 2-9-14

LGBT Suicide: When It Feels Like It's All (But) Over 
This presentation was a workshop at the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference (MBLGTACC) in Kansas City, MO. 
The audience consisted of students and staff from Colleges and Universities across the country.
This presentation was geared towards all audiences and helped the attendee understand the warning signs and general risks of suicide; identify factors that increase suicide in the LGBT population; identify ways to help reduce suicide; and list the protective factors against LGBT suicide.
Audience comments on how this presentation impacted their knowledge: 
This was an excellent presentation that everyone needs to hear! I learned how bad things are and how much work we need to do to improve things. This presentation has made the whole topic much more important to me and makes me want to strive even more to put an end to this in society.-30 y/o F Freshman (U of Iowa) 
This helps me be a lot more knowledgeable to help others. I learned helpful tips of protective factors and risk factors to look for. It really opened my eyes to the things that go on in the LGBT communities behind closed doors. I will carry this knowledge with me to help others. I love, love, loved it!-19 y/o F Freshman (Western Michigan U) 
Extremely informative and thorough. I feel ready to share this knowledge. My close friend struggles with suicidal thoughts - now I know what to look for.-19 y/o F Freshman (Rockhurst U)
Good job. Very knowledgeable. I tried to commit suicide 3 months ago. This presentation helped me understand how to avoid it from happening again. Thank you.-18 y/o F Freshman (Rockhurst University)
The information from this presentation reinforced my passion and drive to work with LGBT youth.-23 y/o F Senior (Metro State U - St. Paul)  
This presentation helped illustrate the severity of LGBT suicide risks and the best protections.-20 y/o M Junior (Florida Gulf Coast U)
Good presentation. Very informative. This presentation has given me knowledge to take back to my campus and share with my peers. The facts provided to me make me want to act and intervene in any way possible.-20 y/o F Junior (Truman State U)
Easy to understand and a lot of facts. I learned risk factors, suicide warning/signs, and protective factors.-19 y/o F Sophomore (Florida Gulf Coast U)
This impacted me very much. It opens my eyes on suicide rates.-18 y/o M Freshman (Southwestern Illinois College)  
I learned that I am not alone. I want to help others to not feel as hopeless as I always have.-19 y/o F (Florida Gulf Coast U)
This presentation made me realize that there are issues in my life I haven't dealt with as much as I thought I had. I need to go back and deal with them more.-20 y/o M Junior (Ripon College)
This presentation has been extremely factual and eye opening to the size of the issue.-21 y/o GQ Senior (University of Kansas)
My LGBTA family is my family. They give me hope and help me to keep going. Being here and seeing others who were interested in the topic and care gives me hope and strength to keep going.-20 y/o F Sophomore (Ohio U - Zanesville)
I learned the less supportive the environment the more likely for suicide attempts. The signs of suicide is something that needs to be known. Seeing the signs of suicide "IS PATH WARM" really stuck with me.-21 y/o F Senior (Bowling Green State U)
Great info - very helpful data and stats. Will cite info in future conversations.-21 y/o M Junior (Augsburg College)  
Thorough overview with many points I hadn't considered. I've noticed many of these early warning in my own life - and now I have a foundation to better help myself.-23 y/o M Graduate Student (Marquette U)
Good presentation. I learned prevention stuff. I worked at a middle school for a while. One of my kids told me he wanted to kill himself. He was 12 at the time. It was horrifying and it still horrifies me now. I kind of want to be a school counselor.-23 y/o M Junior (Nebraska Wesleyan U)
The presentation had a lot of information that was very helpful. Refreshed some knowledge and introduced new ideas.-20 y/o F Sophomore (Nebraska Wesleyan U)
Great presentation. Very informative. I learned that being open allows for better health and emotional happiness. This presentation makes me realize that this community has a long way to go but we're progressing.-18 y/o M Freshman (Florida Gulf Coast U)
I learned schools with LGBT groups have a lower rate of suicide and suicide attempts. This motivates me to advocate for the installation of these types of groups into schools.-23 y/o F Senior (IUPU - Indianapolis)  
It was a lot of info but definitely useful and informative. I learned the risk factors and preventative measures. I'm looking to volunteer at a suicide hotline this summer, so I'm hoping this will help me help others in general and LGBT specifically.-19 y/o F Sophomore (Bowling Green State University)
I'm better equipped to detect and be proactive against suicide.-18 y/o M Freshman (Denison University)
Effective presentation of real life data. I learned suicidal ideation as a role/factor.-41 y/o M Ph.D. (UNL)
I learned queer men could be at greater risk. I think that this presentation helps to support our work to provide greater resources to our college students.-29 y/o F Staff (Carroll U)
I think it is always important to remember and be reminded of the risk of suicide that our LGBT youth have. It was moving to view the pictures of specific students affected. It reminds me why I do the work I do.-24 y/o Graduate Student (Indiana U)
I learned ways to help prevent LGBT suicide - great applicability to campus. This presentation reminded me of someone close to me who committed suicide and had me thinking about could I have done more to help. Reminded me that the work I do is necessary and useful.-26 y/o F Graduate Student (SDSU)
Great! I thought it was well organized. I learned how to prevent suicide. I've had a general understanding of this topic, but it was great to learn more. I live and work with students and it's pertinent to know the risk factors and signs associated with suicide.-23 t/o F Senior (McKendree U)
I learned ways to support bullied/suspected queer students. I feel slightly more confident entering classroom as a teacher.-22 y/o F (Gustavus Adolphus College)
Great! I learned how to be a better resource. It opened my eyes to the age demographic. It's one thing to read the stats. It's another to see a face and hear a bit of their story.-27 y/o F Staff (Fort Hayes State U) 

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