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Gay Sexuality: Biology as a Destiny

LGBT Suicide Prevention: When It Feels Like It's All (But) Over

The audience consisted of students, faculty, and community members.

The first presentation helped audience members compare and contrast the definitions of sexual orientation and sexual behavior; describe the spectrum of sexuality in the general population; identify that sexual orientation is not a choice; describe how genetics plays a role in male homosexuality; list the current biological theories on causation of male homosexuality; and identify neuroanatomical  differences between homosexual and heterosexual men.

The second presentation helped audience members understand the warning signs and general risks of suicide; identify factors that increase suicide in the LGBT population; identify ways to help reduce suicide; and list the protective factors against LGBT suicide.

Audience comments/Impact of presentation:

Great presentation. I learned that 'cutters' aren't suicidal. They cut to relieve pain. This presentation gave good things to pay attention to in people for suicide. Made me really think and realize how many people attempt suicide.-19 y/o F Freshman

It was a great presentation on suicide. I learned how to be supportive to people who think about suicide. I learned the different factors that can lead to suicide.-19 y/o M Freshman

Sex is the body but gender is the mind. I learn every year! Especially in the second hour. Lots of new material for me.-65 y/o F Instructor

I learned a lot and didn't realize that there were so many different factors for suicide. I thought your presentation was very informative. I feel that every school should have the chance to have a speaker life yourself.-19 y/o M Freshman

Very informative presentation. I learned to always support others when they first come out.-19 y/o F Sophomore

It was a very informative presentation. I personally associate myself as being bisexual, so from my personal experiences it has been hard to cope with. I envy how Dr Holt has no problem being/acting who he truly is.-20 y/o F Sophomore

I learned if someone is talking about suicide help them because they do need help; always listen to someone and look for clues/signs of depression or talking about suicide; and watch what I say because even though I could be kidding someone could take my comments seriously.-18 y/o F Freshman

Very sad that people feel so lost/alone enough to kill themselves. 10-13 year olds can realize they are gay/lesbian and are therefore at more risk.-21 y/o F Sophomore

I learned some interesting things that I had no idea about. You had a great presentation full of facts that really made me think! There needs to be more research on suicide in LGBTs.-19 y/o F Freshman

People who struggle with their sexuality adds a higher risk of suicide.-19 y/o F Sophomore

It showed me how serious suicide is and how I can help prevent suicide. Many people attempt to kill themselves because of how other kids and family treated them.-18 y/o M Freshman

Very informational. Thank you for doing this and standing up for what you are and who you are. People don't chose their sexual orientation. I'm 100% straight, although I'm 100% okay with gays, because everyone deserves to be happy. It's heartbreaking to hear it's so hard for people to open up.-20 y/o F Sophomore

I learned that LGBT don't choose their sexual orientation and to not judge someone based on sexuality.-20 y/o M Sophomore

Sex is the body but gender is the mind.-20 yo M Sophomore

Very informational. It cleared up a lot of questionsI have concerning gay/straight people! Sex is the body, but gender is the mind.-19 y/o F Sophomore

Awesome speaker! I learned a lot of things I didn't know. Thanks for talking to us. I have never been one to judge homosexuals and I hope the people who have now have a better understanding about it.-18 y/o F Freshman

Being gay isn't a choice. This presentation helped me understand the other side of things. It isn't a gay persons fault that they are attracted to other people of the same sex.-19 y/o M Sophomore

Very informative and explained everything thoroughly. Got me thinking that just because they are gay doesn't mean they should be treated bad.-20 y/o M Sophomore

Sexual orientation is a broad spectrum of various degrees of bisexuality. It just taught me more about the LGBT community.-19 y/o M Sophomore

This presentation is only frustrating. This goes against Gods creation. But it's your salvation on the line and not mine.-27 y/o F Sophomore

This presentation shows that being gay is a genetic deformity.-19 y/o M Sophomore

It was very refreshing learning new information about being gay. There are many theories about this, and it was a very good overview. It made me think about what influences people - whether it's genetics, hormones, or nuture.-21 y/o F Sophomore

I learned definitions about sexual orientations, asexuality and pansexuality.-18 y/o M Sophomore

Very informative. Sexual orientation is not a choice. This presentation makes me think differently about this now.-18 y/o M Freshman

I have learned a lot of facts that I didn't know. I have two gay cousins and one transgender step-sister. Then has helped me to understand them better.-32 y/o F Sophomore

Keep doing what you're doing. It's very informative. I've learned some new definitions of sexuality. Expression of who you are is a key component of a healthy mental state. This has been a very educational presentation.-18 y/o M Sophomore

Good presentation with scientific research. Gave me food for thought.-32 y/o M

I think this was a very powerful presentation and important! I was not aware of what asexuality meant and also transgender.-34 y/o F Sophomore

Great job. Sex is the body but gender is the mind. This presentation more or less opened my eyes. I always thought sexuality was a choice. I now know it's not. Starting my life soon as  CO and cop- this info will help.-25 y/o M Sophomore

I learned a lot of facts I didn't know. I learned that some things I thought I knew were wrong. I learned not to judge these people. They can't help what their sexual orientation is.-20 y/o F

It was a good presentation. I thought it was very well presented. I learned that the speaker is gay himself and we shouldn't hate people for who they are. Also learned being gay can genetically be passed down.-19 y/o M Sophomore

Very informative and opened my knowledge to several things and strengthened my beliefs on gay/lesbian issues. Sexual orientation is not a choice.-18 y/o M Sophomore  

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