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Northeast Community College 10-4-16

                                                   LGBT Student Case Scenarios: An Experiential Learning Perspective

The presentation consisted of reviewing LGBT student case scenarios through small breakout groups, which allowed an experiential learning perspective. After discussing a particular case as a smaller group, the group would present the case to the whole audience with Dr Holt as the facilitator.

The audience consisted of students, faculty, and community members.

Audience feedback/impact of this presentation:

Great topics and education. I learned ways to be welcoming to LGBT students and coworkers in my office. Going to implement this today - display safe space sticker in office.-40 y/o F

I think it definitely helped. I learned the difference in sex and gender. Helped me understand my bisexual friend more.-20 yo M

Found it very interesting. It will help me to be able to make it more comfortable for someone to talk to me.-55 y/o F

Very good. Unique style with the group projects. I learned frightening suicide statistics.-24 y/o gender fluid

Very good way to teach people. Already knew this information but loved how it taught others. I now have a new way to teach others.-20 y/o F

I learned important differences in terminology. Students do not choose to be gay. Why does some public education curriculum teach homosexuality is a choice! I think I can now better express compassion and acceptance, which is my desire as a Christian.

I enjoyed the presentation.Very informative about different situations and how to handle. I learned awareness. We need to be/find more ways to be more proactive with our youth.-28 y/o F

Great way of explaining different terms. I learned 'sex is the body but gender is the mind.' I learned a lot more understanding. I don't know who anyone is or how they identify so never assume.-18 y/o M

Clarified several definitions. I learned to be more aware of creating a welcoming environment.- 60 y/o F  

Clear and precise presentation. Good explanation. I learned to not force someone to come out if the are gay and that transgender is at highest risk of suicide attempts.-21 yo F  

Good presentation. I learned don't rush LGBT to come out.-18 y/o M  

Great! I learned explanation of transgender and their orientation.-67 y/o F  

I learned the true definitions to sex, gender, etc.-18 y/o F  

Really liked talking about and understanding transgender. I learned that most people don't understand the LGBT community.-19 y/o F  

Great Presentation.I learned everything.-42 yo M

Be active and supportive towards others. Don't be judgmental towards others.-31 yo F

Great presentation! I learned to accept LGBT. I would love to help people struggling with coming out.-20 y/o F 


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