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Northeast Community College 9-24-13

Gay Sexuality: Biology as a Destiny

LGBT Suicide Prevention: When It Feels Like It's All (But) Over

The audience consisted of students, faculty, and community members.

The first presentation helped audience members compare and contrast the definitions of sexual orientation and sexual behavior; describe the spectrum of sexuality in the general population; identify that sexual orientation is not a choice; describe how genetics plays a role in male homosexuality; list the current biological theories on causation of male homosexuality; and identify neuroanatomical  differences between homosexual and heterosexual men.

The second presentation helped audience members understand the warning signs and general risks of suicide; identify factors that increase suicide in the LGBT population; identify ways to help reduce suicide; and list the protective factors against LGBT suicide.

Audience comments on how presentation impacted their knowledge:  

Very good presentation. There was a lot of information from scientific studies. You helped me understand myself a lot better. It has given me knowledge and hope. -28 y/o F  

This presentation helped clear up my confusion about sexual orientation, behavior, sex vs. gender, etc. I want to learn more and would like to help out somehow. -18 y/o F student/cashier  

I wish my family could see you speak about this. It really helped support everything I grew up feeling and now. -36 y/o F student 

Very well put together. I learned the factors in reducing suicide and what I can do to help. This presentation has change my outlook. I recently had a friend come out of the closet. He is 23. We live in a rural town of 300 people. It has been very hard for him...he is persecuted constantly. Because of this, he has attempted suicide several times. - 24 y/o M student (criminal justice) 

This presentation has taught me a lot about homosexuality and sexual orientations in general. -19 y/o F student

I learned a lot today and was able to brush up on many details. Please keep coming back. Your presentations and information are a tremendous need in the Norfolk community. I feel more knowledgeable on biology as a destiny. Hearing your own coming out story was very moving. I am now a mother and I can only hope that when/if my daughter comes out to me, I am able to provide her with the support, love, and acceptance that much of society unfortunately doesn't show. -25 y/o F marketing consultant  

This presentation has influenced me to help people understand their own sexuality. I learned you should not tell someone to get counseling just because of their sexual orientation. -19 y/o F student  

Before I was indifferent. This presentation made me think and empathize for gays. -27 y/o M freshman  

There are many biological factors that determine sexual orientation. I realize nature has a much larger impact on sexual orientation than I previously thought. -23 y/o M instructor    

It was overall a great presentation. I learned things that I never knew before. The presentation has changed my attitude and views toward different sexualities. - 20 y/o M  

This presentation was an eye-opener. By listening to this presentation troubled teens/adults can receive the resources they need about suicide prevention. This presentation has impacted me in many ways as I want to counsel depressed teens. I hope to save individuals from the horrible act of suicide. -19 y/o F student  

Really good presentation. The protective factors to help stop suicide is the most important thing I learned. I will use them to help others as much as possible. -19 y/o M student (law enforcement)  

This was pretty informational. I didn't know that gays and lesbians are more likely to attempt suicide. I now know how bullying gays and lesbians can severely effect their lives. -22 y/o M

Great overall information about risk factors. I learned the importance of setting the stage for someone to come out to you. Thank you for taking the time to bring this information to our campus. -55 y/o F staff member  

Outstanding! Please come back annually. I learned contagion risk and signs of suicide in LGBT individuals. Have a better understanding of LGBT community. -23 y/o M (student services)

Thank you! You are making a difference and opening minds. Having had a gay brother who suffered rejection from his parents and brothers, I am so grateful you survived it. -64 y/o F instructor  

Very informative information on suicide in the LGBT community. I think more colleges, high schools, and elementary schools need more information for everyone. It is still a very hard thing to talk about. -36 y/o F student (criminal justice)  

Very good presentation. As a health care professional I feel that this presentation will allow me to better identify patients displaying risk factors and also know the protective factors available for youth. -25 y/o M nurse

Very informative presentation. The bullying that is done has great influence on suicide in gay males and females. -27 y/o M student  

Well put together presentation. I really appreciate you coming to talk! Thank you so much! This presentation helped me better understand how to help friends and family members who may be at risk. - 18 y/o F student

This presentation has impacted me to help kids accept themselves for being gay and to talk with them about suicide risk. -19 y/o F student. 

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