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Wayne State College 10-2-14

Gay Sexuality: Biology as a Destiny

Panel on LGBT Bullying

The audience consisted of students, faculty, and community members.

The first presentation helped audience members compare and contrast the definitions of sexual orientation and sexual behavior; describe the spectrum of sexuality in the general population; identify that sexual orientation is not a choice; describe how genetics plays a role in male homosexuality; list the current biological theories on causation of male homosexuality; and identify neuroanatomical  differences between homosexual and heterosexual men.

The second presentation was a panel of LGBT community members discussing bullying in the community. The moderator was Dr. Ron Holt. The panel and moderator shared their stories and led a discussion with the audience on bullying. The discussion helped audience members understand the signs and general risks of bullying; it's impact in the community; and ways to help stop bullying.

Audience comments/Impact of presentation:

Great presentation. I learned how what you say to a child will effect them when they come out. I feel educated more about this area.-32 y/o F

This presentation has given me scientific information that I can pass on to others who are less informed.-20 y/o F Junior

I feel like I am more comfortable to talk about homosexuality because I have a better knowledge now. I can now distinguish between sexual orientations and sexual behaviors. Thank you for speaking today.-25 y/o F Senior

Great presentation! Love all the facts and studies! I identify as a lesbian so I am part of the lgbt community. This presentation helped better understand who I am. I wish I could have brought my aunt to this presentation, so she might open her eyes.-21 y/o F Junior

Great presentation. Knowledge that I never had about gays. Would recommend to anyone. I learned that being gay is not a choice and that you can know when you are young. I now have a different view on people who are gay.-19 y/o M Freshman  

Great idea of coming to campus and sharing - especially letting us ask questions. I learned about pansexuality.-25 y/o F Senior  

This presentation was very informative and very well presented. It has really opened my eyes to what really goes on and that how saying gay is a choice is wrong and can hurt a homosexual person.-22 y/o F Senior

I feel it is important for acceptance of all sexual orientations. I think this information needs to be taught because people need to be changed! Sexual orientation can be on a spectrum. I believe in the older brother effect because I have seen it first hand.-23 y/o F Graduate Student  

I have never attended a presentation on homosexuality before. I found the information enlightening. The points on sexual orientation being unchangeable really opened my mind as to how sexual orientation develops.-36 y/o F Junior  

I learned if you have a gay child, the first thing you say in response to them coming out is the most important words to the child. I am open to gays/lesbians and this has encouraged me to stay that way. They are the same as me even if we don't share the same sexual orientation.-21 y/o F Senior  

Very informational. The most important thing I learned was they are starting to learn that being gay is something that happens at birth. This presentation has opened my eyes to all the new facts we have learned in recent years.-21 y/o F Senior  

Very informational presentation! Your first response to your child's sexuality is important.-21 y/o M Senior  

I really enjoyed the presentation as it used scientific studies to reinforce sexual orientation not being a choice. I'm so thankful that you came to WSC as there are many ignorant people on campus who's minds would open if only educated on LGBTQ issues/scientific studies.-22 y/o F Senior  

Very good presentation. Very well organized. You can't choose your sexual orientation, but you can choose your sexual behavior.-22 y/o F Senior  

I'm sorry, but my religion as a Catholic does not support this presentation and the information and viewpoints expressed. I am strongly against homosexuality. In relation to my religious beliefs, I prayed during this presentation that it hasn't impacted me at all or my beliefs on homosexuality. I personally have friends and relatives who are homosexual and still love those people, but no not support this or their lifestyle at all.-22 y/o F Senior  

Great presentation. I learned the real meaning of orientation. Helped my understanding as a pastor.-58 y/o M Pastor  

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