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Wayne State College 10-5-16

                                       Gay Sexuality: Biology as a Destiny
The audiences consisted of students, faculty, and community members.
The Biology as a Destiny presentation helped audience members compare and contrast the definitions of sexual orientation and sexuabehavior; describe the spectrum of sexuality in the general population; identify that sexual orientation is not a choice; describe how genetics plays a role in male homosexuality; list the current biological theories on causation of male homosexuality; and identify neuroanatomical  differences between homosexual and heterosexual men.
Audience feedback/impact of presentation:
I learned being gay isn't a choice. You are born with it. There are more factors to being gay than just genetics. I will accept them more for who they are. I will be able to stand up for them by saying they didn't choose to be gay.-19 y/o F  
Really good presentation. Very informative. I learned that it's not just genes, but a combination.-19 y/o F
Great presentation. Very informative. I learned the more older brothers a boy has, the more likely to be gay. I will continue to be accepting to all people because it's not a choice and there is enough hate in the world.-19 y/o F
Very good. The presentation has really evolved and improved. Like the additions of epigenetics information.-'old' teacher
Very interesting and easy to follow along. I learned more about sexualities that aren't as common.-23 y/o F
Very interesting. I learned both genetics and hormones play a role in the formation of sexual orientation.-20 y/o F
A lot of well documented information. I learned to be accepting. This encouraged me to be more accepting (or at least question religious prejudice).-68 y/o M  
I learned being gay is not a choice and to be more open.-18 y/o  
I learned sex is the body and gender is the mind. Sexual orientation is on a broad spectrum.- 18 y/o M
It was a phenomenal lecture. I learned way more about this subject than I thought I would. I learned the difference between sexual identity based on sexual orientation and behavior.-18 y/o F
This was very interesting and I learned a lot about this. Sexual orientation is not a choice, but behavior is.-18 y/o F  
Learned a lot that I would have never guessed. I learned there is a strong biological reason on being gay.-19 y/o M  
Very good presentation. I learned the difference between sexual orientation and behavior. Genetics play a role in sexuality. I will correct people when they try to say people have a choice in the matter. They are who they are no matter what they are. They should be loved.-18 y/o F  
To conclude, the overall presentation was excellent and open to vivid information. Good stuff! Sexual orientation may be linked genetically.-18 y/o F  
I learned differences in sexuality and factors that cause sexual formation. I want to work with patients when I'm older and even now. This talk will help in my interactions with them.-18 y/o asexual  
The presentation was very strong and I am more knowledgeable about the difference between sexual orientation and behavior. I learned positive correlation with biological factors and LGBT behaviors appears at a young age.-18 y/o M  
Very mind opening! It gives me a truly better understanding of my homosexual and trans friends.-18 y/o F  
I learned differences in orientation and behavior, that sex is the body and gender is the mind, and that it could be biological.-18 y/o F  
Very well put together presentation. Good speaking. I learned there are experiments trying to be done to find the background of why people are heterosexual, bisexual, or transgender.-18 y/o F

LGBT Case Scenarios: An Experiential Learning Perspective

This experiential learning process consisted of reviewing LGBT student case scenarios as a collaberative group with Dr. Holt as the facilitator.

The small group consisted of faculty, staff, trustees, and community members.
Really liked it. I learned the spectrum of gender identity. I will be able to interact with LGBT community better.-67 y/o F  
Always good to share perspectives - you learn more ways of supporting the LGBT community. I learned to say thank you for sharing your story. Remember to express gratitude to those willing to stare with me about who they are - even though they are scared to do so. What an amazing privilege.-65 y/o F  
Always nice to discuss these issues with others and have a sharing dialogue. I learned definitions and terms of dysphoria, gender queer, and pansexuality. Knowledge and education are always a positive.  
Excellent program. I will help to counsel fellow teachers and students struggling with these issues.-43 y/o M  
Great. Informative. I learned sex is the body and gender is the mind. Added to my liberal leanings.-75 y/o M  
Very informative. Helped me process many questions I have had. I am better at being able to understand where/what people need to discuss.-56 y/o F  
Wonderful workshop. Thank you! I learned new terms. Great impact.-50 y/o F  
Thanks for the opportunity to learn/discuss the issues. I learned sex versus gender. I will try to be more thoughtful.-61 y/o M
Excellent conceptual discussions. I learned different concepts related to LGBT and understanding.-62 y/o F  
Excellent presentation/experience. I learned to say thank you to the person sharing their story.-60 y/o F  
Very informative. I learned all the terms and what they really mean. I will be more compassionate with others and know how to interact without offending.-73 y/o F  
Very informative. Explanations very helpful. I learned defining different terms and acceptance.-57 y/o M  
I appreciate your desire to help others. You are brave and compassionate. Reminds me we are all God's children.  
Very informative. I learned the differences in identifying. Listen and don't judge and always accept.  
Love you Ron! I learn something new every year. It's ok to be who you are and the consequences for not allowing individuals to be who they are are dire.-63 y/o F 

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