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Wayne State College – Faculty 10-7-15

LGBT Case Scenarios: An Experiential Learning Perspective  
This presentation was part of a diversity lecture series sponsored by PRIDE, the President's Council of Diversity, and the Office of Multicultural Affairs.
The presentation consisted of reviewing LGBT student case scenarios through small breakout groups, which allowed an experiential learning perspective. After discussing a particular case as a smaller group, the group would present the case to the whole audience with Dr Holt as the facilitator.
The audience consisted of faculty and staff of the College. 
Audience feedback/ impact/ things learned from presentation: 
Great opportunity to exchange ideas with a true expert. Seek acceptance in classes and not mere tolerance.-61 y/o M Professor
Great discussion. I learned advanced transgender information; how to proactively approach situations and groups to help those in the LGBT community; and ideas on educating staff and students on LGBT related issues.-30ish y/o M Residence Life  
Enjoyed the session. I liked the format. I learned new approaches and strategies for working with students. It is important to continue to attend and be part of programs that discusses this topic.-54 y/o F Administrator  
Very informative. I learned differences in gender identity.-65 y/o F Professor  
Wonderful presentation to allow discussion openly and scholarly with professionals in all different departments. I learned the differences between identification (sex vs. gender, sexual orientation vs. gender identity) and how to be more verbally inclusive.-24 y/o F Asst Dir. of Residence Life  
Extremely informative. I learned what internalized transphobia is and to let students know you are 'safe', respectful and open. These are important topics to discuss.-F  
Good presentation. Hands-on concepts gave it more meaning. I learned info about the range of gender identity and the differences between sex and gender identity. I will continue to work to be accepting of all students and will work on my use of pronouns and collective nouns when referring to students.-59 y/o F Learning Skills Specialist  
The presentation was very informative. Helpful to have an open discussion. I learned the suicide attempt rate for transgender people.-25 y/o M Asst Dir of Residence Life  
Really good facilitating. Great conversation and engaging topics. I learned trans is the sense in the mind more than the body. I will teach tolerance and acceptance in students.-22 y/o F Residence Life
Excellent insightful presentation. I learned definitions, empathy, and listening. More open minded.-53 y/o F Staff  
Very good talk. Effective group activity. I learned the fluidity of sexual orientation and to take care to produce an environment in which students are comfortable asking for support.-41 y/o M Professor  
Very informative and helpful. I learned gender identity is in the mind.-41 y/o M Professor  
Thought provoking. Sex is the body and gender is the mind. I'll be ready to listen more- better perhaps.  
Great interesting info. I have to think hard and focus on what it must be like- but must do so.-F  
This was great! I learned the differentiation of gender, sex, etc. Always looking to learn.-58 y/o M Associate Professor
Great event! Wonderful conversation. I learned that coming out is a process and not just a moment. I'll be more empathic to people who appear to be struggling.-46 y/o M Administrator
This was a great opportunity. I love the vignettes. They really caused us to challenge our own personal thinking. I learned how much I still have to learn. I know quite a lot about LGBTQ persons and yet there is much to learn. I am much more sensitive about language and my own privilege and want to continue to grow and be educated. I will continue to educate myself! I learn something new every time I hear you!-62 y/o F Teacher

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