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Wayne State College -Students 10-7-15 & 10-8-15

LGBT Case Scenarios: An Experiential Learning Perspective  
This presentation was part of a diversity lecture series sponsored by PRIDE.
The presentation consisted of reviewing LGBT student case scenarios through small breakout groups, which allowed an experiential learning perspective. After discussing a particular case as a smaller group, the group would present the case to the whole audience with Dr Holt as the facilitator.
The audience consisted of college students. 
Audience feedback/ impact/ things learned from 10-7-15 presentation: 
Very informative. I learned sex is the body and gender is the mind. I now have a more open mind towards the LGBT community and making them feel comfortable.-19 y/o F
Very informational with very open views. I learned even the smallest things that are said can have big effects and you should always be conscious of what you're saying. I will try to understand and help more with people who are different from me.-18 y/o F  
The scenarios were very helpful. I learned sex is the body parts and gender is how a person identifies themselves.-18 y/o F
I really liked this because it taught me how to deal with situations like someone having trouble with gender identity. I learned sex is the body and gender is the mind. Now I will know how to help someone who is having issues with gender identity.-18 y/o F
Very good and moving. I learned someone can come out anytime in their life. I have a better understanding on what people go through with finding their true self.-19 y/o F  
This way of learning and educating was very successful and it was good that we got put in groups of people we did not know. I learned using open ended questions is very important and try not to use pronouns if one is not sure.-19 y/o F  
This presentation is so important. I think people get confused about how to separate gender identity and sexual orientation. This presentation will help me be even more mindful and it had a very good impact on me.-20 y/o F
Very eye opening experience that was also informative. I learned to support coming out. Gender is mind and sex is the body. I will be more open and helpful in and after college.-19 y/o M  
A great way to educate people. I want this to happen more often. These are things most people don't think about and I think it is so important we discuss these. I learned asking more open ended questions and making people feel more comfortable around me. I can never learn enough about these subjects.-21 y/o F  
It was interesting to me to learn all the ways people identify themselves. I have always wondered if a person is born LGB or T or if they come about it as they grow up. It is genetic. I now understand how to be more open ended in a conversation to show that I am understanding and accepting.-18 y/o F  
I learned you can't control if you are gay. I will treat everyone equal and not be judgmental towards these people.-19 y/o F  
Interesting scenarios that make you think ahead for when similar ones can happen in your life. I will be more careful and aware when using pronouns in the future with people.-19 y/o F  
Very informative. Sex is your body but gender is how you identify. This presentation opened my eyes more to gender.-19 y/o M  
I learned sex is the body and gender is the mind. Sexual orientation should be defined by the gender one identifies with. I feel better equipped to express my opinions knowing what the issues are.-18 y/o F  
Good job. Good stuff. Good info. I learned what trans and cis are. Will impact how I interact with LGBT people.-18 y/o M  
I learned a lot of terminology I didn't know before. Overall, it gave me a different perspective on the LGBT community.-18 y/o F  
This has taught me to keep an open mind and be more acceptive of other people. I will be more open minded and learn to ask open ended questions to keep from putting someone 'in a box' or hurting their feelings.-19 y/o F
This was interesting and I enjoyed the group discussions. Sex is the body but gender is the mind. I'm going to try to be more sensitive with pronoun use and make myself an open and supportive friend to my friends.-18 y/o F  
Very educational and unique way of learning by separating everyone! I learned more easy going ways of asking people their identity. Love everyone!!-22 y/o M  
This was very informative and will help me to educate others on this subject. I learned not to use pronouns and how to make others more comfortable. I feel more comfortable speaking/helping those of the LGBT community.-19 y/o F
I liked that we were taken out of our comfort zones and placed into groups. I really think this caused me to broaden my view of the LGBT community and how to be considerate of all people regardless of orientation or gender identity. I will be more mindful of what pronouns I use and what actions I can take to make them feel comfortable.-18 y/o F  
Great presentation. Sex is the body and gender is the mind. I will be more careful in addressing people about sexuality and gender.-19 y/o M  
Very good and informational! Sex is related to body and gender is related to mind. It will help me to be more considerate of other people.-18 y/o F  
Was very eye-opening. Helped me realize how common these situations are becoming. I learned ways to act on classroom procedures and how to make everyone feel more accepted. Also using correct pronouns and ways to make a classroom more accepting for everyone so they do not feel judged or offended.-18 y/o F  
It was great to share and hear what others came up with. Sex is body and gender is mind. I will be more open to everything.-22 y/o F  
I learned how to talk to someone who is coming out and how to make them feel comfortable talking about it.-18 y/o F 
Audience feedback/ impact/ things learned from 10-8-15 presentation: 
After going to Ron Holt's talk I will now look at things differently and won't be so quick to judge people on who they are. This really opened my eyes to new things and how some people go through these issues every day. Ron Holt is an inspiration to many people and I can't wait to see what more he will do for others in the future to come.-18 y/o F
Coming from a small community, I was not exposed to this particular topic. I feel that these issues should be addressed more thoroughly in schools. I am going to be more conscious about how I approach people before I learn their sexuality.-18 y/o F  
I learned sex is the body and gender is the mind. I will talk to my parents.-18 y/o M  
This presentation will have me look at people differently and have a lot more respect for them. I will also make sure I watch what I say, so I don't offend somebody.-18 y/o F
I really learned more about the transgender community and ways to make them feel comfortable. It is ok to ask someone who is trans what pronoun they prefer. I will listen to these requests and make them feel comfortable.-18 y/o F  
Excellent opening info for us to think about and consider. I learned openness.  
Excellent discussion. I learned to be considerate and normalize the situation.-F  
As a very strong Catholic, this topic was a little awkward for me. But I'm not against LGBT. I have a strong believe in my religion and beliefs, but today this presentation has widened my perspectives/views. I'm now more accepting.-19 y/o M  
This presentation opened very positive discussions on issues that our society is going through. I will now be a true support of all individuals no matter who they are or are attracted to.-19 y/o M  
Great presentation. Sex is the body but gender is the mind. This presentation makes me understand how to make children in my future classroom feel welcome regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.-18 y/o F  
I learned a lot! I will be careful not to out anyone in my future career as a teacher. I hope to be a teacher someday. This activity will help me in my future.-40 y/o M  
Accepting people for who they are is by far the most caring thing we can do for each other as human beings.-27 y/o M  
This was an eye opening experience. It helped me figure out what to do and not do for other groups. This presentation helps me keep an open mind on how my friends feel and it helped me remember to always be there for them.-21 y/o F  
I liked this talk. It really makes me think about ways to help friends and be there for them. I learned ways to make everyone feel comfortable. Not to push people to come out. I will be more accepting of everyone I meet.-20 y/o M  
I thought it was a great thing for the school to have. I am now more aware of how to address people.-23 y/o M
Great job with the subject! This is a great opportunity for a lot of people.-22 y/o M  
I'm glad I came and got to listen to the scenarios and how all should be handled. It will help me in the future if any personal situations come up.-18 y/o F  
Very informative! I learned the differences between gender identity and sexual orientation. Will be more open minded.-18 y/o F  
It was nice to talk about things you don't normally talk about in schools. I will try to be more accepting to people.-18 y/o F  
Very informative. I'm glad these talks are happening. I plan on teaching, so learning how to interact and make my classroom safe for all students was great.-18 y/o F 

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