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Wayne State College 9-25-13 and 9-26-13

Gay Sexuality: Biology as a Destiny

LGBT Suicide Prevention: When It Feels Like It's All (But) Over

The audiences consisted of students, faculty, and community members.

The Biology as a Destiny presentation helped audience members compare and contrast the definitions of sexual orientation and sexual behavior; describe the spectrum of sexuality in the general population; identify that sexual orientation is not a choice; describe how genetics plays a role in male homosexuality; list the current biological theories on causation of male homosexuality; and identify neuroanatomical  differences between homosexual and heterosexual men.

The LGBT Suicide Prevention presentation helped audience members understand the warning signs and general risks of suicide; identify factors that increase suicide in the LGBT population; identify ways to help reduce suicide; and list the protective factors against LGBT suicide. 

Audience comments on how Biology as a Destiny presentation impacted their knowledge:  

Every time I hear your presentation I learn something new. It affirms my understanding and acceptance of all persons and diversity in human sexuality. -60 y/o F faculty  

This presentation made me accept people as they are. -18 y/o F  

This presentation will help me to not be so judgmental towards those who are homosexual and to accept people the way they are. -18 y/o F freshman  

My views of gays is definitely opposite of how I grew up with a Catholic conservative upbringing. -18 y/o F freshman  

This presentation has impacted me by learning that kids know gender and orientation at a young age and that it doesn't matter how they are raised. Also from this presentation I will be able to give the facts that sexual orientation is not a choice. -22 y/o F senior  

I've seen/heard your presentations for the past few years and each year the information still leaves me taken aback. It's good to know that homosexuality is based on nature rather than nurture. As a lesbian in a Catholic household it's very reassuring to to know that it's genetic and its OK to act on it. -21 y/o F senior  

This presentation opened my eyes. It showed me information that I had no clue about. -18 y/o F freshman  

It crushes me to know people think that even if it's genetic, homosexual and bisexual people should not act on their true feelings - especially because in high school I was one of those people. I really hope others are affected by this. I want people to stop thinking it's a choice or that being gay should be hidden. -21 y/o F senior  

This presentation was just eye opening for me. I suppose I like to think I'm a logical person. To be presented with reasonable studies and scientific evidence really appeals to me. -18 y/o M freshman  

This presentation gave me a better understanding of my sister. -19 y/o F sophomore  

This presentation has really helped me to more open and aware of homosexuality, bi, and heterosexuality. I really did not know much about it but now I do. I can now be more understanding and nonjudgemental towards those who are. -25 y/o F senior  

This presentation changed my mind that people do not choose to be be gay but rather are born that way. -19 y/o M sophomore  

Amazing. I believe everyone should listen to your presentations. I have been to your presentations before, but I continue to learn more. This presentation educated me and helped bring knowledge. I have in laws who believe being gay is a fad. I generally try to educate the family about the evidence on LGBT. -23 y/o M graduate assistant  

Very informative presentation. I've seen your presentation 3 times now and I learn something new each time. I learned the difference between sexual orientation and sexual behavior. Also difference between transgender and sexual orientation. -20 y/o F junior  

This presentation is very insightful with evidence that should minimize and end discrimination. We (as a society) are harming homosexual persons by telling them to be heterosexual. -22 y/o F senior  

This presentation made me think differently about people's sexuality cause they cannot control it. -18 y/o F freshman  

I'm the mother of a transgender child. I enjoyed your presentation very much. It was very informative regarding the biology of it. I wish you could present to middle school and high schools. I think kids need to be informed on this at a younger age. The more knowledgeable kids are earlier, there would be less bullying and stereotyping. This presentation reinforced what I've read. I want to be supportive of my child as I have been, but this just reinforces it all for me. Thank you. -43 y/o F  

As a future educator, I realize that I will teach students that are trying to find their sexual identity. As a teacher and role model I need to embrace these students and support them and give them a safe learning environment. -22 y/o M senior  

As a future teacher, it is important for me to make sure there is no bullying due to people being gay. If it becomes an issue, I think teachers should talk to their students about how everyone is different. -22 y/o F senior  

I feel I know more about the LGBT community - especially about gay men. I already accepted the LGBT community, but after this I feel more open minded to it all, because they can't change who they are. -20 y/o F junior  

This presentation has really showed me a lot of scientific professional research to prove that being gay is not a choice. -25 y/o F student  

I want to know more. As a future teacher, I need to be as open and understanding as possible. Sometimes parents aren't understanding, so I will be. -21 y/o F senior  

I am not gay, but I strongly believe in human rights for everybody so learning more about this topic is helpful, so that I can continue to advocate against bullying and intolerance. -24 y/o F junior  

I'm about to graduate and want to go on to be a therapist. This was great info that I can take with me into my field. I understand how to be there for LGBT people because of this presentation. -27 y/o F senior  

It was very interesting to learn the factors that can have an effect on a person's sexuality. I have a new respect and perspective on the gay community. -19 y/o F freshman 

Audience comments on how LGBT Suicide Prevention presentation impacted their knowledge:  

This helped me understand the risk factors I am personally dealing with. I came out as trans to my parents two days ago. They are entirely against it. It was a very unpleasant conversation. This presentation has helped me to feel more informed and prepared to deal with whatever happens between me and my family in the future. I will definitely be doing more research on my own time. Thank you. -20 y/o genderqueer junior  

I learned every one needs a support system - church, family, parents, and friends. I have more empathy for LGBT. -20 y/o F junior  

I am now more aware of the risks I can help my future students avoid who are LGBT and the tools I can use to do so. -20 y/o F junior  

I now know the signs to look for if a LGBT person is looking towards suicide. -18 y/o F freshman  

My little sister just came out that she's bisexual, so listening to all these facts scares me that she may be at risk. I'm going to do my best to try to help her through this. -19 y/o F sophomore  

This presentation serves as a good reminder to be supportive. -37 y/o F  

I learned all the risk factors for suicide and the things to help the risk factors. -21 y/o F junior  

I learned there are many causes to LGBT suicide. I also learned it is a lot more common than I thought. This presentation impacted me because I now know how to handle the situation when my friend decides to 'come out'. -20 y/o F junior  

I learned a lot of information about gay youth and suicide. This presentation made me more aware of warning signs of suicide and ways to prevent it. -18 y/o F sophomore  

I'm glad I came to the presentation. It taught me quite a bit and made me more aware of suicide statistics. Also I am now more aware of how to be a better supporter for LGBT. -19 y/o F sophomore  

This presentation has helped me gain more insight and understanding of the struggles of LGBT. -21 y/o M junior  

This helped me understand my gay little brother a little more as well as the rest of the LGBT population. -20 y/o F junior  

Made me realize the reality of how many people who are gay actually attempt suicide. The numbers are larger than what I imagined. -18 y/o F freshman  

This presentation was very educating and I found it very eye opening. Just remaining open and non judgmental to anyone who comes out as gay is the best way to make them feel secure. If you say hurtful things it will stay with them forever. -23 y/o F senior  

This presentation opened my eyes to LGBT suicide. I learned how to prevent LGBT suicide and how to appropriately respond to those struggling with sexual orientation. -18 y/o F freshman  

Health care workers need to be proactive even when the info isn't provided. This is beneficial to the individuals health. This was an eye opener to me since I'm going into this field. Brought me to a greater realization about the topic. -18 y/o F freshman  

This presentation really impacted me because now I can detect suicidal students and get them help if they need it. I can recognize their risk factors and symptoms to help prevent suicide. -18 y/o F freshman  

I learned do not force people to come out. Give them a way to talk to some one. They will find comfort knowing they have a safe place with you. Taught me how to talk to my gay friends or people I think may be gay. -18 y/o F freshman  

It opened my eyes to realize that suicide is everywhere. I learned how to properly approach someone who is gay and how to let them know its okay. -22 y/o F senior  

The most important thing I learned is that I am not alone. This impacts me because I did think about suicide for about a year of my life. -18 y/o F freshman  

This presentation helped me become more aware of the large amount of statistics and the steps that should be taken to prevent suicide among LGBT. -21 y/o F senior  

Hearing all of these statistics is a big eye opener. I think we definitely need to be more aware of the people around us and try to prevent any suicide attempts. As a future teacher I need to be aware of my students and bullying situations. -20 y/o F junior  

This presentation was very interesting and eye opening to me. The most important thing I learned is how important it is to show support for a friend or family member struggling with their sexuality. This presentation has made me more aware of the signs and causes of suicide and what can be done to prevent it. -21 y/o F senior  

This presentation gave me better insight to LGBT suicide prevention - knowledge of risks and ways to prevent it. -22 y/o F senior  

Thorough, complete, and balanced presentation. Appreciated the practical help - ways to encourage individuals to come out. The presentation as noted above is well designed and is very encouraging to an underserved population. -65 y/o M

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