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My name is Ronald Holt. I am a physician practicing full time clinical psychiatry in South San Francisco, California.  In addition to my clinical work, I feel it is important to give back to the community. 

For the past decade, I have voluntarily returned to my alma mater, Wayne State College (WSC) in NE, to lecture on the impact of homophobia on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) youth and on society at large.  Initially, the target audience was education and psychology majors, who became teachers, counselors and coaches.  I emphasized the danger of allowing homophobia in the classroom as it leads to low self-esteem, increased risk for drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide in GLBT youth. 

types of audiences I present to has grown over the years to include the general public, medical audiences and other types of students, including preprofessional science majors, counseling majors, and student athletes.  In September 2008, I presented at Northeast Community College (NECC) in Nebraska.  A staff member at NECC requested the presentation as she heard me present years earlier at Wayne State College.   In October 2008, I presented at Kansas City University - College of Medicine and Biosciences (KCUMB), on GLBT issues in medicine.  The following year, I presented as a part of the KCUMB curriculum on homophobia in medicine and its impact on patients and their health. In the fall 2009 I expanded my lecturing to Northern California, including at Stanford University and Touro University. I continue to expand my presentations worldwide, including hospital grand rounds for medical providers and departments.  I have created various types of presentations for over 125 audiences since 2000.  To date I have presented to over 1000 physicians on how to provide more culturally competent care to the LGBT community.

My community service also includes: mentoring members of the GLBT PRIDE group at Wayne State College; working to endow scholarships for the WSC PRIDE group; and donating money annually to help the group in it’s educational efforts to raise awareness of homophobia’s impact on GBLT youth and on society at large.

Over the years, I have presented to over 7872 people who are in various careers, including teaching, coaching, counseling and practicing medicine.  All of my efforts, including preparation, time away from work, and transportation costs to colleges/universities, have been paid for by me as a community service. My inspiration to educate, and be a role model for GLBT youth, is because there was no one available in this capacity when I was a student.  Increased awareness about the biology and psychology of human sexuality leads to a better understanding of the GBLT population. It is my firm belief that education about sexuality can lead to better emotional and physical health.  It is immensely rewarding to receive follow up contact from people informing me my efforts have made a difference.  This keeps my passion alive and provides the energy to continue with these volunteer efforts.


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