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The Audacity of Pride website organizes and records my LGBT presentations, which allows viewers an educational resource and a way to connect with others through audience comments. Increased awareness about the biology and psychology of human sexuality leads to a better understanding of the LGBT population. Education about sexuality improves emotional and physical health and allows society a better understanding of how all sexual orientations are normal variants of human sexuality.

The purpose of my LGBT educational presentations is to strive for:

  1. 1.Strengthening LGBT groups that are active on educational campuses. As a highly effective educator, coach and advocate for college audiences on LGBT issues, I help provide a safe haven for LGBT students and educate the broader college/university community about issues of concern to the LGBT community.

  2. 2.Enhancing the knowledge of medical providers on healthcare issues that     are unique to the LGBT population, thus allowing more culturally competent care for the LGBT population.

  3. 3.Educating the public/community at large about homophobia, sexual  orientation issues, and the biology of sexuality, which helps society better understand that all sexual orientations are normal variants of human sexuality. 

  4. 4.Reduction of LGBT bullying and suicide through education, compassion, and mentoring.

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