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"Being a gay male I found this talk extremely helpful.  I am out to my peers, but still worry about judgement within the profession and with patients.  I will know how to better screen a person in the LGBT community.  This will also influence me, as a patient, when talking to doctors.  After recently seeing a doctor about a personal matter, my biggest concern was talking to the doctor about my sexuality. It’s important for physicians to be socially and culturally competent."  -23 y/o M medical student 

"This talk was very beneficial. I learned so much more about transgender and Lesbians, which we never hear much about and are not as well known in society.  Having an older gay brother, I have been exposed to, and am interested in, the struggles of these types of patients.  Now I know how to support transgender and Lesbian patients as well."  -25 y/o F medical student

"I just want to say how impressed I am by you and your passion for this cause. I got chills hearing about your experiences talking to the university students and showing them compassion...As a gay woman, I just feel so grateful that we have a representative such as yourself advocating, championing, and educating for our community." -28 y/o F Psychologist

"I will be more aware of the issues associated with LGBT individuals and will be more comfortable dealing with these issues.  This lecture was helpful because it covered topics that are important in medicine that normally wouldn’t be covered in the traditional medical school curriculum.  I feel that it may be safe to say that without this lecture, this information would only be acquired on our own time, which may lead to a bias in looking for articles and research."  -23 y/o M medical student

"Very informative presentation and much needed in this conservative community.  I feel I am open and inclusive in my practice (I am a member of the LGBT community myself), but now I am much more knowledgeable." -F physician

"I have no prejudices towards the LGBT community and feel very close to them already.  However; I was so thankful for hearing the scientific and medical component.  No doctor should ever treat based on media only information.  Hearing it from you made me feel more comfortable with my own knowledge."  -35 y/o bisexual F medical student

"The most important thing I learned today is “the biological theories on the causation of homosexuality - fascinating!!  Extremely informative and packed full of useful and important information.  Great presentation.” -M physician

"Dr Holt provided helpful insight regarding eliciting a complete, comprehensive sexual history of our patients by using open ended questions and never making stereotypical assumptions."  -29 y/o M medical student

"Thanks again to Ron Holt for another terrific Grand Rounds presentation today on increasing awareness and sensitivity to LGBT issues in the medical setting. I got a lot of feedback from our medical staff saying how excellent the presentation was and how much the topic was appreciated.” -62 y/o M physician

"I have been unsure on the proper way to approach patients about these issues.  This talk was very helpful is discussing those issues, so that I will not offend my patients. I am in a same sex relationship and it has been truly been avoided by my physicians in the past. I think this talk was very helpful in ensuring I will be able to discuss with my patients."  -28 y/o F medical student